Ezekiel Faulknor: Welcome Surprises at Domi Station

My time at Domi Station has been remarkable with a few things having surprised me. The first being how much information they have on entrepreneurship. They’ve broken down every aspect of what a entrepreneur is and created discussions that elaborate more upon the topic. Every lesson challenges you to think outside the box to figureContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: Welcome Surprises at Domi Station”

Ezekiel Faulknor: From Week One Improving Domi’s Tech Presence

My first impressions of Domi Station were really great. As soon as I walked through the doors on my first day, I was welcomed in. In only a week I’ve met with numerous individuals who are willing to network and help in any way possible. All of the members and staff who work at DomiContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: From Week One Improving Domi’s Tech Presence”

Bianca Noland: Week One at StarterStudio

Moving to Orlando for my summer internship was a bittersweet experience for me. Ireally looked forward to working at StarterStudio with Bob Reed and Dawn Haynes, but was also really nervous about having to adapt to a new environment. With not having much familiarity with the Orlando area, it was definitely a shock to meContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Week One at StarterStudio”

Ezekiel Faulknor: Future UX Consulting Guru

My goals for my time at the incubator and with the internship are to learn more about design consulting, start my own LLC, network with everyone, descend more into UX & UI, and lastly acquire my CompTIA a+ certification. By focusing on these five goals, I believe I’ll be one step closer to being fullyContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: Future UX Consulting Guru”

Sharlynn Hurtado-Mantilla: Understanding the Startup Experience

My initial goal I for my summer internship is to understand the process startups go through. How can I best achieve a successful startup and what tools and resources would I need for that? How can networking benefit me in the process of my startup? What is something to look for or research beforehand? WhatContinue reading “Sharlynn Hurtado-Mantilla: Understanding the Startup Experience”

Diamond Scrivens: Ready to Learn

I’m excited to be a Tech Fellow for the year of ’22, my name is Diamond Scrivens, and I’m from Tampa, Florida. When I was in high school, I was in a program called “B.E.T.A,” which is short for Business Economics Technology Academy. This program exposed me to a blend of business and technological skills.Continue reading “Diamond Scrivens: Ready to Learn”

Bianca Noland: The Lifelong Entrepreneur

Hello there! My name is Bianca Noland, and I am currently a junior at Florida State University majoring in Commercial Entrepreneurship. Since I was a child, I always found myself turning my hobbies into side hustles and was constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to make myself a little bit of money. As timeContinue reading “Bianca Noland: The Lifelong Entrepreneur”

Lapadre Proctor: Wrapping up the Summer

This has been such a great summer that I will always remember and I really enjoyed. I learned a lot of great things during my time as a Tech fellow and as an intern at Domi Station. This summer as a Tech fellow I have been working on blog posts weekly and having meetings toContinue reading “Lapadre Proctor: Wrapping up the Summer”

Thalia Mendoza: Where I’ve Grown

Working in an entrepreneurial setting can certainly be nerve-racking. It is easy to develop imposter syndrome and be harsh on yourself when completing tasks, due to fear of failure. My first few weeks as an intern were a struggle as I stepped into the entrepreneurial world for the first time. I fought fear, nervousness andContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza: Where I’ve Grown”

David Wedderburn: Seeking Out the Work

Since joining Tampa Bay Wave, I have experienced the most significant overall growth in my communication skills. Linda Olson and the Tampa Bay Wave team have consistently given me the fortuity to speak my mind during our operational and team meetings. Additionally, my first task as an intern was to book a venue for theContinue reading “David Wedderburn: Seeking Out the Work”