Bianca Noland: Week One at StarterStudio

Moving to Orlando for my summer internship was a bittersweet experience for me. I
really looked forward to working at StarterStudio with Bob Reed and Dawn Haynes, but was also really nervous about having to adapt to a new environment. With not having much familiarity with the Orlando area, it was definitely a shock to me when I had first settled in. Unlike Tallahassee, Orlando is huge and there is commotion everywhere you go. However, StarterStudio’s office location is a phenomenal place to be.

Bianca Noland, Commercial Entrepreneurship major

Working at their office that’s located in downtown Orlando has made me feel as if I was in a completely different location, like Manhattan, New York. Meeting with Bob and Dawn in-person was a very enlightening experience; I was given a glimpse of the different types of projects I will be responsible for completing during my summer internship. As of right now, the main project I will be working on is improving their CRM system when it comes to measuring the impact StarterStudio has had on their alumni. This will include evaluating alumni funding activity, going over impact reports, and doing extensive research on these startups. This provides me with the opportunity to become familiar with HubSpot and improve my researching capabilities.

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