Global Scholars

This is the official blog site for FSU’s Global Scholars Program!

These blogs are the written accounts of students in FSU’s Global Scholars during their independent summer experiences to explore community engagement. Read more and learn about how these students connect their experiences to their interests!

My Third Week at FSU CML

For the last 7 years, I have wanted to be a small animal veterinarian. I had never been interested in large animals, wildlife or the research aspect of veterinary medicine until recently. This week, I observed a class at the lab as they were dissecting a hammer head shark. This was a really unique and…

Greetings from Zamboanguita!

The transition from Florida to the Phillippines has been easier than I imagined. Linguistically, there are many different dialects that are present, however, the main two languages spoken where I am stationed are English and Visayan. Culturally, there are many differences between here and home, however, I am keeping myself open to new experiences and…

My Second Week at FSUCML

My second week at FSU Coastal and Marine Lab included a lot more time in the experimental hatchery. It was great to be in the hatchery again with the staff that I volunteered with during the Spring Semester. Since last Friday, I have become involved in three projects: intertidal sampling, subtidal tonging and an experiment…

A week in life at FSU in the summer

Over the past couple weeks, I definitely have gotten myself in a good routine. I like to do my class observations on Monday mornings and then give myself a few hours to go home and eat before I come back to campus for tutoring. On Tuesday’s I schedule my tutoring from 2 to 3 so…

Getting Used to TEFL

Being in Tallahassee still, I haven’t had to adjust to many structural inequalities. One thing that did take some getting used to was the CIES student I am tutoring. Going into this, I expected to be working with students my age and even students who are younger, so, when I signed up to do tutoring,…


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