Global Scholars

This is the official blog site for FSU’s Global Scholars Program!

These blogs are the written accounts of students in FSU’s Global Scholars during their independent summer experiences to explore community engagement. Read more and learn about how these students connect their experiences to their interests!

Final Post

I am interested in exploring how desensitized some practitioners become in medicine and how that affects treatment and the emotional state of practitioners. I do not know too much, but from my year and a half of experience in medicine, as a medical assistant for a surgeon, I have started to see how sometimes I…

Stories In The Media

One issue that has really hot and stuck me like most political issues is the ruling of Roe vs Wade. Rather than most women banding to protect our own rights I have seen almost this battle over social media of competing views. It hurts to see this in our community and I think most people…

Capping Off My Summer

My area of interest was, in broad terms, learning more about how emergency management works within a community or a region. Specifically, I went into the summer interested in how high risk communities were impacted. I knew very little about the subject as it was something that is not emphasized in school or readily available…

My Capstone Project

For my Capstone, I decided to study access to healthcare in Peru. While I have been at FSU, I have grown a strong interest in learning about how people access healthcare and what barriers or facilitators they encounter while doing so. I spent five weeks this summer in Cusco, Peru, volunteering at a shelter for…

Final Blog

My interest started with dance and how I can bring my passion for dance into my summer experience. Then when I resorted to kinesthetic learning approaches while teaching, I wanted to explore the ways movement benefits not just physical health, but overall cognitive, social/emotional well-being as well. Previously, I knew from studying mental disorders like…


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