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  • Update on my Goals
    The goals I set at the beginning of my gap year were these: I feel that I have achieved these goals, but I will continue working on them because there is always more to learn. Through classes and organized trips, I have spoken with people from many different backgrounds and religions, and I look forwardContinue reading “Update on my Goals”
  • Graduation: Then and Now
    High school graduation, May 2022, it seems like an eternity ago I was walking across the stage as the principal called my name. In that moment I viewed myself as a new person ready to take on the world, though intimidated by all it had to offer. I still view myself in a similar way,Continue reading “Graduation: Then and Now”
  • Goals
    I am progressing nicely towards my goals as I have completed almost all of my first semester ones I set over summer. I progressed to and through these goals during my time abroad and have continued to complete them by doing further conservation and leadership work now that I am back home. My ability toContinue reading “Goals”
  • Interactions in DC
    Working in congress comes with many daily interactions. In this blog post I am going to explain some of my most memorable interactions with members, staff, constituents, etc. I think one of the first big moments I had was meeting the Congressman I work for. I remember throughout the day myself and fellow interns anxiouslyContinue reading “Interactions in DC”
  • Changing Views
    When I think back to high school graduation, I remember feeling more than ready for the next chapter. I remember thinking I would adjust quickly and that the experience would be quite easy. Now that I’m three months into my gap year, I have a different view of myself. I’ve found that I’m not asContinue reading “Changing Views”

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