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Welcome to the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House blog.

The Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House blog is here to share the experiences of undergraduates participating in the wide variety of programs housed in the HSF House. This site is a work in progress with new blog posts added to the site every week. Feel free to learn more about all of our HSF partner offices below. To find out more about what is happening at the HSF House, please visit our website at https://hsf.fsu.edu/.

HSF Programs featured on our site.

HSF Partner Offices

Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE)

The CRE is leading a growing movement to involve FSU students in the highest levels of academic engagement, helping students take advantage of the very best a major research university like FSU has to offer. 

Office of National Fellowships (ONF)

Our office helps students to pursue opportunities for enrichment by providing information and support throughout the fellowship application process. Through one-on-one mentoring and direct assistance for nationally competitive fellowships, we help students to identify and achieve their academic, public service, creative, and leadership goals.

The FSU Honors Program

The Honors Program is dedicated to facilitating the success and well-being of honors students through the development of programs that meet the unique needs of our students. 

Friends of the HSF House

Our mission is to enhance the programs in the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows (HSF) house and enrich the lives of students and friends of HSF through financial and professional support. 

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