My Capstone Project

For my Capstone, I decided to study access to healthcare in Peru. While I have been at FSU, I have grown a strong interest in learning about how people access healthcare and what barriers or facilitators they encounter while doing so. I spent five weeks this summer in Cusco, Peru, volunteering at a shelter forContinue reading “My Capstone Project”

Farewell to My Project!

My experience in Cusco was amazing. While I did encounter several difficulties, from sickness to language struggles, and just being homesick, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to experience a different culture. I visited places that I have always wanted to travel to, including Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, and I exploredContinue reading “Farewell to My Project!”

The Spaces I Inhabit in Cusco

While I was in Cusco, there were a couple of main spaces that I would inhabit daily. The first space would be the city center, mainly including the area around the Plaza de Armas. This is a big square with lots of restaurants and shops. During the month of June, there were parades around theContinue reading “The Spaces I Inhabit in Cusco”

The Cultural Environment in Cusco

I am now home from my experience in Cusco, and I have had some time to reflect on the cultural environment and the community there. I think that I did have some culture shock when I first arrived, but over time I became more accustomed to the way of life there. Probably the biggest changeContinue reading “The Cultural Environment in Cusco”

A Recent Story that Resonates with Me

A new story that caught my eye recently was one from the New York Times about a Fentanyl dispensary in Vancouver. I work on a public health project called Overdose Data to Action, and through this project I have learned a lot about harm reduction strategies. These are initiatives that are actually proven to reduceContinue reading “A Recent Story that Resonates with Me”

Bianca Noland: Sustaining Company Culture

For my Tech fellows research project, I wanted my topic to relate to my internshipexperience with StarterStudio. Before my internship began, I came up with the research question “How do startups continue to implement sustainability practices during expansion?”. When coming up with this question, I recognized that this was a topic that I was veryContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Sustaining Company Culture”

Harrison Betz: Dante’s Psychological Manual

As many of you may know, working on projects is extremely different from planning them. Over the past few months, I have spent actually researching my topic, I have found that it was much more nuanced than initially expected…and I find that fascinating! For me (and I would imagine most people), there is an inherentContinue reading “Harrison Betz: Dante’s Psychological Manual”

Miguel Gonzalez: Studying the Emerging Woubikan Language

The tenth of July marks one month since I arrived in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. The first days were difficult as I faced a new reality. Fortunately, given the time I have passed with my grandparents over the summer breaks In Colombia and Cuba, I have been able to quickly adapt to a similar lifestyleContinue reading “Miguel Gonzalez: Studying the Emerging Woubikan Language”

Angilmarie Rivera Sanchez: The Role of Gender in Commemorating the White Rose

Ever since I received the IDEA Grant from Florida State University, I have successfully propelled my Honors in the Major thesis forward and accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself this Summer. Once the Spring semester ended and I was able to focus on my research, I used some of the fundsContinue reading “Angilmarie Rivera Sanchez: The Role of Gender in Commemorating the White Rose”

Michelle Evangelista: How Pollution Can Affect Every Day Life in Guadalajara

It has been about 2.5 months since arriving in Mexico to conduct my research the Santiago River in the municipalities of El Salto and Juanacatlán in Guadalajara, Mexico. El Salto and Juanacatalán are part of the Conurbated Zone of Guadalajara, along with the municipalities of Guadalajara, part of Zapopan, Tonalá, Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, andContinue reading “Michelle Evangelista: How Pollution Can Affect Every Day Life in Guadalajara”