My Capstone Project

For my Capstone, I decided to study access to healthcare in Peru. While I have been at FSU, I have grown a strong interest in learning about how people access healthcare and what barriers or facilitators they encounter while doing so. I spent five weeks this summer in Cusco, Peru, volunteering at a shelter forContinue reading “My Capstone Project”

Summary of My Capstone

For my capstone, my interest was how caseworkers approach helping refugees. Refugees often arrive at their resettlement location with trauma and a complicated past. Therefore, it is essential that caseworkers take certain measures to help refugees based on their unique situation. This Summer, I interned at the International Rescue Committee, where I learned extensively aboutContinue reading “Summary of My Capstone”

Is it “Everyone” or “Everyone you like”?

Something that I have found interesting in my summer experience is the relationship between emergency planning and the student demographic. When emergency planners consider a population, they look at the populations by demographics. This causes categories of people to be treated as one group for simplicity’s sake. Elderly are a high focus demographic, along withContinue reading “Is it “Everyone” or “Everyone you like”?”

Solidarity at Horizons at Norwood

Within the Horizons community at Norwood, “solidarity” is seen as us (the volunteers, teachers, site directors, teacher assistants, and program assistant) providing the students with a safe place to spend their summer while also improving on their academic skills. Through the actions we do like helping kids in class or just talking with them andContinue reading “Solidarity at Horizons at Norwood”