Bianca Noland: Sustaining Company Culture

For my Tech fellows research project, I wanted my topic to relate to my internshipexperience with StarterStudio. Before my internship began, I came up with the research question “How do startups continue to implement sustainability practices during expansion?”. When coming up with this question, I recognized that this was a topic that I was veryContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Sustaining Company Culture”

Ezekiel Faulknor: Ways Domi Station Builds Community

First Friday Domi Station has a monthly First Friday happy hour which is a great opportunity to network with other startups in the community. It’s really a great chance to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with the people I’ve met there. First FridayContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: Ways Domi Station Builds Community”

Bianca Noland: Supporting the Orlando Startup Scene

With Orlando known as a startup hub, there is a huge community for incubators andaccelerators looking to help startups succeed in Central Florida. Located in Downtown Orlando, StarterStudio is a perfect example of an organization that actively builds community within their accelerator programs and with the neighboring organizations in Orange county. StarterStudio’s accelerator programs areContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Supporting the Orlando Startup Scene”

Diamond Scrivens: A Workforce Crisis and Pandemic Impact

A need that I have noticed first handed in Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is more young innovating entrepreneurs willing to stay and help Tallahassee grow after college. Although Tallahassee is a college town, many people go to another city after college, which doesn’t help Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tallahassee has a “workforce crisis”, according to the TallahasseeContinue reading “Diamond Scrivens: A Workforce Crisis and Pandemic Impact”

Daylyn Randolph: Reflecting on the First Few Weeks in Tampa

What is something that has challenged you?  Moving to an unfamiliar city and starting at a new workplace was a challenge within itself. Like all things new, it is important to adjust and understand what is happening. At Tampa Bay Wave I am being challenged to not only keep up with a fast-paced environment butContinue reading “Daylyn Randolph: Reflecting on the First Few Weeks in Tampa”

Ezekiel Faulknor: Needs of the Tallahassee Ecosystem

Access to information Information can be a very valuable resource and is a definite need in my city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In Tallahassee, information can be hard to obtain especially if you don’t know where to find it. For any entrepreneur that’s the biggest problem. After speaking with individuals at my incubator, Domi Station, they haveContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: Needs of the Tallahassee Ecosystem”

Bianca Noland: Coordination and Awareness

During my time in Orlando as an incubator intern at StarterStudio, I became more aware of Orlando’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With tons of startups and businesses booming in theCentral Florida area, you would think Orlando has gotten their entrepreneurial ecosystem all straightened out. However, that is not necessarily true. When speaking with Bob Reed, StarterStudio’s programContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Coordination and Awareness”

Daylyn Randolph: Goals and Getting Started

I have finally started my internship at Tampa Bay Wave and I am already enjoying my time! The team is very welcoming as they have all spoken with me about my goals for my time here and have let me know how they could assist. During my internship, I will be researching about the bestContinue reading “Daylyn Randolph: Goals and Getting Started”

Diamond Scrivens: The Work Doesn’t Stop

This past week working with North Florida Innovation Labs, something that has challenged me is seeing how fast pace everything is moving and just honestly trying to stay focused and not lose concentration. While working at a quicker pace, I have realized that I am open to exciting opportunities and the chance to excel quickly.Continue reading “Diamond Scrivens: The Work Doesn’t Stop”

Ezekiel Faulknor: From Week One Improving Domi’s Tech Presence

My first impressions of Domi Station were really great. As soon as I walked through the doors on my first day, I was welcomed in. In only a week I’ve met with numerous individuals who are willing to network and help in any way possible. All of the members and staff who work at DomiContinue reading “Ezekiel Faulknor: From Week One Improving Domi’s Tech Presence”