Daylyn Randolph: Goals and Getting Started

I have finally started my internship at Tampa Bay Wave and I am already enjoying my time! The team is very welcoming as they have all spoken with me about my goals for my time here and have let me know how they could assist.

During my internship, I will be researching about the best practices of accelerators and incubators, and designing a strategic initiative for first-generation students interested in entrepreneurship at FSU. He will be honing in on the Wave’s robust mentor network to guide him in developing this trailblazing program. I’m is also interested in learning more about FinTech companies and how their growing influence impacts low-income communities. 

I am excited to be at Tampa Bay Wave this summer, surrounded by exceptional professionals. I seek to observe the developmental timeline of founders and their companies. While observing how they use their entrepreneurial mindsets to deal with conflicts that may arise in their businesses. There are tons of things I do not know; therefore, I am walking into this experience with an open mind ready to learn things I never imagined.

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