Diamond Scrivens: The Work Doesn’t Stop

This past week working with North Florida Innovation Labs, something that has challenged me is seeing how fast pace everything is moving and just honestly trying to stay focused and not lose concentration. While working at a quicker pace, I have realized that I am open to exciting opportunities and the chance to excel quickly. I am learning how to adapt to an environment like North Florida Innovation Labs, where it is laid back, but work still gets done in a timely manner.

Diamond Scrivens, Junior,
Information, Communication, and Technology major

What I have found challenging is that while working in a fast-paced environment, when things are always getting done in a timely fashion, you have tasks and projects that are always happening at a rapid pace. To be able to work in this type of setting, you have to understand how to juggle multiple projects or tasks at once and be prepared to take on something with only a moment’s notice.

           This past week I had multiple tasks and projects to tackle, including curating a standard operating procedure for setting up an Owl, helping with onboarding, working with Lab-Techs on safety procedures, working on an internship file, working on our groundbreaking ceremony, and helping write letters of support, and hosting the board of governors meeting. So, I had many tasks and projects to tackle.

I have found it helpful in keeping me on track with sticky notes, a planner, and reminders set. I enjoy the spontaneous work environment and am adjusting well. Having well-written verbal communication skills is crucial to being able to thrive at North Florida Innovation Labs. I have to communicate with myself and get the essential details of a task or project. Listening is half of communication, so I keep my notebook and pen ready to write.

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

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