Bianca Noland: Working to Prove One’s Worth

During my summer internship with StarterStudio, I gradually became more and more familiarized with the organization and with the people who are a big part of it. After being introduced to some of the many different areas of the organization, I was very surprised to see how much actually goes into StarterStudio. As a nonprofit that offers a variety of different accelerator programs to local startup businesses in Central Florida, there is always a lot to be done. With constant building, planning, and managing of the programs, everyone always has their hands full.

Bianca Noland, Junior, Commercial Entrepreneurship

Currently, one of StarterStudio’s main focuses is keeping track of past alumni in order to provide the local government, academic institutions, corporate sponsors, and individual donors with information that shows the impact StarterStudio has had on the Orlando business community. As a nonprofit, this is very important to StarterStudio because this information will persuade investors to continue to invest in the organization, allowing StarterStudio to continue to fund those who join their accelerator programs. As an intern, my responsibility is to research and keep track of the growth these different alumni have had since being a part of StarterStudio’s programs. However, I found this to be a somewhat challenging task. Not only is this task time consuming, it has been challenging trying to find credible information on these different startups.

Although I have faced some obstacles while completing some of my daily responsibilities, the StarterStudio team has been super supportive in providing me with the resources and stability I need to overcome these minor challenges. I look forward to what else is in store for me while being a part of the StarterStudio team.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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