Mali Weingarten’s Blog Post

Today we are highlighting another one of our UROP students, Mali Weingarten! Mali is a sophomore from Winter Park, Florida majoring in Nursing and Public Health. She hopes to one day earn her DNP as a family Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her involvement in UROP, Mali is a part of the Garnet and GoldContinue reading “Mali Weingarten’s Blog Post”

Gustavo Capone’s Blog Post

This week, we are spotlighting Gustavo Capone! He is a new UROP Leader for the 2022-2023 academic year. Gustavo, who is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a senior majoring in psychology with a concentration on premedical coursework. In addition to being a UROP leader, Gustavo serves as the co-president of Who We Play For,Continue reading “Gustavo Capone’s Blog Post”

Susan Morales and Kalijah Rahming: How They See Us Abroad

Greetings from Seoul, South Korea! Our names are Kalijah Rahming and Susan Morales and we are completing our research on identity formation in a homogenous society. When you read this, we will have just finished our first complete week of school at our study abroad program. We are taking courses on Korean Cinema and GlobalizedContinue reading “Susan Morales and Kalijah Rahming: How They See Us Abroad”

Andrew Taylor: Preliminary Findings and Next Steps to Better Understand Colon Cancer

Preliminary Findings Project research as of the first few weeks has consisted of crossing DNA repair gene knockdown constructs into a multigenic fruit fly colon cancer model to look for any phenotypic changes in tumor size and cell activity, such as senescence, double stranded DNA breaks, apoptosis, and p21 activity (a cell cycle inhibitor). SeveralContinue reading “Andrew Taylor: Preliminary Findings and Next Steps to Better Understand Colon Cancer”

Transition To My Position

My position this summer is as a volunteer at a local primary and secondary school in Valencia, Spain. I have traveled to Spain and am living and studying at the Florida State University Valencia campus for 6 weeks this summer. The school that I am volunteering at, Colegio Sagrado Corazón, is located nearby my apartmentContinue reading “Transition To My Position”

Bianca Noland: Working to Prove One’s Worth

During my summer internship with StarterStudio, I gradually became more and more familiarized with the organization and with the people who are a big part of it. After being introduced to some of the many different areas of the organization, I was very surprised to see how much actually goes into StarterStudio. As a nonprofitContinue reading “Bianca Noland: Working to Prove One’s Worth”

Kalijah Rahming: Racial Formation in Seoul

My name is Kalijah Rahming, and I am a junior at Florida State University. Although I entered my undergraduate career very unsure of what field of study I wanted to pursue, I eventually decided on Sociology and Humanities. I was fortunate enough to take a sociology course during my senior year of high school andContinue reading “Kalijah Rahming: Racial Formation in Seoul”