Ezekiel Faulknor: Future UX Consulting Guru

My goals for my time at the incubator and with the internship are to learn more about design consulting, start my own LLC, network with everyone, descend more into UX & UI, and lastly acquire my CompTIA a+ certification. By focusing on these five goals, I believe I’ll be one step closer to being fully prepared for post-graduation.

The reason I want to learn more about consulting is that it’s something I’m interested in doing. I’ve never met anyone who has worked as a consultant, but I feel like someone at the incubator may have that connection I would need to move forward. Once I graduate from FSU, I want to travel and design stuff on the go so I’m not locked down to a corporate desk job. Nowadays, all you need is a computer and wifi to work so being a design consultant would be my best option.

Ezekiel Faulknor, Junior Information, Communication and Technology major, Mascotte, FL

Starting my own LLC has been at the top of my list but I’m still not sure on a name or what I would want to do. While I’m at my incubator, I want to spend my time coming up with ideas and participating in workshops so I can learn from others who have already taken that step. Speaking with a startup that’s in its beginning stage would be a real eye-opener. Not every day do you get this chance to sit at an incubator, so I’ll be making the most of this opportunity.

I know that whatever incubator I go to I’ll be able to spend my time networking and learning from my peers. Having a strong network of individuals, you can trust can make a difference. Currently, my networking skills are weak, and when you have a business of your own you need individuals that can help you. Exchanging information with individuals is how entrepreneurial ecosystems grow. I believe networking creates professional or social contacts that will progress on your career path quickly.

UX & UI are two things I would love to get better at. So, spending time learning the benefits and difficulties would enhance my programming and design skills. I’m still unfamiliar with this industry and would need someone to guide me down the right path. Since last semester I’ve been learning to build apps of my own on Xcode. I’m not the best right now but if I spent more time looking for other courses that could teach me additional skills. A little practice can go a long way.

Spending my time acquiring my CompTIA a+ certification is something I want to do before the summer is over. CompTIA a+ certification is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT. Having my CompTIA a+ certification would put me ahead of the competition. Through the exam, you get certified in foundational IT skills across a variety of devices and operating systems.

To conclude if I’m able to only accomplish only one of my goals I’ll still be happy. But I know by the end of the summer I will have accomplished all of them and more.

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