Sharlynn Hurtado-Mantilla: Understanding the Startup Experience

My initial goal I for my summer internship is to understand the process startups go through. How can I best achieve a successful startup and what tools and resources would I need for that? How can networking benefit me in the process of my startup? What is something to look for or research beforehand? What guidelines should I set for me and my startup? All these questions I have wanted to know more about. These question help address in essence what the major tool and resources are needed to have a successful startup in a tech industry. If I can outline all these resources and concepts, it can help mitigate the hardship I may deal with when starting a tech company. There aren’t many resources online that talk about real situation dealing with hardships of a startup. I want to understand how to best prepare for one so that in the future I can mitigate the number of hardships that I would experience.  There is the outlook of possibly failing at your startup and that maybe an inevitable concept but if I can help reduce that chance even by 1% then I will use all the resources I can in doing so.  

Sharlynn Hurtado-Mantilla, Junior, Cyber Criminology, Jacksonville, FL

 I would like to also create more connections with people at the incubator environment. I want to network with anyone I can meet so I can expand my professional connections. Meeting more people could possibly mean gaining a new mentor. I would love to have that opportunity during my summer internship. To do so, I just must make sure that I am active, responsive, and be willing to reach out to folks in the building. Gaining at least one connection that has insight on either tech startups or cyber security opportunities would really benefit me and my professional development. If I can, I want to specifically network with other women in cyber security since my field is very niche and there are few women in that field. I want to know what they did to grow professionally, so that I can implement those routines into my daily life. In a male dominated field I want to know what it’s like to be a successful woman. What tools and resources did they use? How did they get where they are? What can I do to improve my skills? Are just some questions I am looking to get answered during my time there. 

Another goal I have in mind is possibly helping or assisting the tech startups that are at the incubator, whether it’s helping specific tasks or just sitting in meetings. Exposure to that environment would be beneficial for me so I hope that is something I can do while being at the incubator.  I want to be able to grasp fully how to be an innovator and where I can start. Hopefully at the end of the summer with the incubator I can fully understand these concepts so when it is my time to create a startup I know exactly where to begin.

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