Diamond Scrivens: Ready to Learn

I’m excited to be a Tech Fellow for the year of ’22, my name is Diamond Scrivens, and I’m from Tampa, Florida. When I was in high school, I was in a program called “B.E.T.A,” which is short for Business Economics Technology Academy. This program exposed me to a blend of business and technological skills. So, by the time I graduated high school, I left with a portfolio of pathway items in an electronic format, accompanied by industry certifications within my pathway of study, which was a mixture of business and technology.

Diamond Scrivens, Junion, Information, Communication and Technology major, Tampa, FL

I have initial goals as a Tech Fellows Intern at the incubator during my internship. One is meeting new people and gaining connections at where I get stationed. Many of the Tech Fellows partners have programs that I would love to go through, connect with others who are also going through the program and learn more about how to build businesses up successfully or new tech skills. Also, I plan to work diligently at my workspace to show that I have the qualities they may be looking for as a full-time employee. My primary goal is to gain as much experience as possible. Although, as an intern, I may not have significant tasks assigned to me, I will still pay close attention to all the steps that go into completing a job.

Here’s what I would want to accomplish if appointed to the different Tech Fellows partner locations.

At the Domi Station, my goals will be to complete one of their entrepreneurial programs, Gear Up, to better understand entrepreneurship and how to launch and scale ventures upon entrepreneurship. In addition, I would love to complete the Gear Up program first to have training in entrepreneurship, a mentor, and hands-on help to learn about businesses ideas and get them off the ground.

If appointed to Tampa Bay WaVe, my goals will be to gain a mentor and complete their TechWomen Rising Accelerator successfully. During this program, I would be creating innovative solutions to make the world a better place while also helping them close the gaps faced by women entrepreneurs everywhere. Interning at Tampa Bay Wave will benefit me from having intensive mentoring, peer networking, investor coaching, and establishing business connections.

At The Small Business Development Center, my goals are to attend the SBDC’s startup workshop series and obtain valuable information on Start-Up Basics, Business Plan Writing, and Marketing 101. I hope to gain a mentor at the SBDC to learn all the ins and outs of entrepreneurial success and help others build a successful startup company.

At the North Florida Innovation Labs, my goals are to successfully learn how the North Florida Innovation Labs accelerate the development of technology companies through an array of business support services to produce successful firms that graduate the program financially viable and self-sufficient. Being hands-on this summer at the North Florida Innovation Labs will be beneficial because I hope to gain a mentor in the tech field to help me navigate what tech companies need to be successful.

At Starter Studio, my goals are to complete their 10-week Idea Stage Accelerator. This accelerator will push me to validate and test my business idea by talking to stakeholders and potential customers and building a sustainable business plan. I also hope to gain a mentor for that one-on-one connection to network and learn more about what Stater Studio has to offer to women in Tech.

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