Lapadre Proctor: Wrapping up the Summer

This has been such a great summer that I will always remember and I really enjoyed. I learned a lot of great things during my time as a Tech fellow and as an intern at Domi Station. This summer as a Tech fellow I have been working on blog posts weekly and having meetings to help me define my summer research project. I have chosen my research topic to be about the transformation of the automotive industry from gasoline to electric technology and this will be written as a SWOT and PEST analysis. This is something that is very important to me as an aspiring mechanical engineer. My goal is to work on industrializing and advancing the automotive industry while also reducing the carbon footprint cars leave. During my time as an intern there are multiple projects that I have worked on.

Lapadre Proctor, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering Student

My first project was working on the company’s website. The website had an alumni page for all the businesses they have worked with but some of those businesses ended so we just made sure to get rid of all the businesses that are no longer operating. My second task was writing an advertisement email using success stories to promote our company and get more partners. Lastly, I had to work on a project to find a learning management software that they could use to do workshops online and expand to gain more partners. We chose a software to use. Now we are just trying to assemble all the content we would like to use so that we can present it to the partners and make it accessible and easy to use. This was a harder project to work on and has definitely been a challenge but a good challenge.

Domi Station Tallahassee, FL

Another great part of this internship was First Fridays. This is an event on Fridays where everyone comes in the employees, partners , and anyone else in Tallahassee especially entrepreneurs.  Here I was able to network I met a fellow engineering student at FSU and also a Finance student that taught me alot about finance, saving money and the stock market. Getting to meet the business partners and hear the stories of how business owners started their business and seeing their passion was very interesting as I would also like to start a business one day too. All in all this summer was a great experience that I won’t forget and hopefully this internship will open doors for and help me in the future I thank Domi Station and FSU Tech Fellows for this experience.

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