My Gap Year Goals

I want to utilize my gap year in order to discover more about myself as well as to put myself ahead of the curve. For instance, I wish to explore possibilities for my future career. In order to further my career, I wish to continue my job at a local real estate brokerage, Venture Real Estate. Furthermore, I want to explore the possibility of a career, and major at FSU, in computer science. In order to further my computer science career, I will continue to learn about the computer science world and deepen my understanding in the subject. Additionally, I wish to continue my learning of the Spanish language and culture. I want to be able to further my understanding of Spanish as a language in preparation of my first year abroad. Moreover, I yearn to have a deeper understanding of different cultures and lifestyles and I will work towards further understanding foreign culture.

As far as achieving my goals, I have many aspects that will go into being successful. I will explore my computer science career through CompTIA certifications. I will also continue my real estate career by developing my job in real estate. Furthermore, I will learn Spanish by listening, speaking, and reading as much I possibly can. In addition to merely learning the language, I will learn more about the Spanish culture and lifestyle through traveling virtually or in person. Ultimately, there are many needed steps in order to achieve my goals.

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