My Goals

Hello again! I can’t believe it has already been a month since my last post!! I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer and enjoying the sun down here in Florida. I have been nannying several times a week for two super cute kids and I also started working at a local boutique very part time before fall. Between beach days and Italian ice runs I have been playing tennis and enjoying company from my friends and family who have been super excited to see our new home. While staying busy and enjoying many sunsets on the beach, my family and I have been trying to actively stay safe as the Delta variant cases spike in Jacksonville. On a brighter note, I am leaving for Kiowa Island, South Carolina this Friday with my little 9 year old best friend from Raleigh and I am very excited. After that I am heading back to Raleigh, North Carolina to say my goodbyes to all my friends heading off to college!

In terms of my goals for this year I have a few. First I would really like to further engage my involvement with my interests in fashion marketing and merchandising. I will be doing this buy working at a local boutique and interning under the owner as a social media marketing intern. This is a very exciting experience and one that I hope I will feel fulfillment from throughout the year! Under this goal I also want to create and maintain monthly a fashion blog that also includes lifestyle posts. This will allow me to get first hand experience in the field and will allow me to put my own individual perspectives onto the sharing of my passion as well. At some point I also would like to design/ create my own clothing pieces as well.

Another main goal that I have for my gap year is getting more involved and educated in beach and ocean conservation. I will be doing this by involving myself in an organization that is very well known in the Jacksonville Beach area called “Beaches Go Green.” This organization promotes the education and active awareness of pollution found on our local beaches. They all highly support the use of biodegradable products and including sustainable practices into your everyday life. I was offered the opportunity to help market and create social media posts for the organizations events and upcoming clean-ups. This is an important aspect to my gap year as it allows me to fulfill my goals in terms of being more involved in beach conservation, as well as offering me a platform to practice my marketing skills and learn from other women who have been pursuing the same passions.

I will talk to you in a month!

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