Solidarity in Emergency Medicine

Solidarity in my community is the collaborative effort put in by the emergency response teams all with the same goal, to put the care and safety of the community it protects first. This is most evident in a heavily populated college campus. I have observed from both ends, as a bystander and a part ofContinue reading “Solidarity in Emergency Medicine”

Inequalities in Medicine

Some of the structural inequalities I have begun observing in my experience include those centered around financial restrictions. Unfortunately, a big part of medical practice and receiving proper care is centered around how much a patient can afford or whether they can afford the insurance that will cover such treatment. I have yet to seeContinue reading “Inequalities in Medicine”

The Start of Becoming Certified

I am currently remaining in Tallahassee and completing portions of my certification with online training, completing assignments, background checks, and paperwork. The information and the instructors I am currently working with have made the experience and transition to this online learning experience very seamless. Although being very used to this type of educational setting fromContinue reading “The Start of Becoming Certified”