Inequalities in Medicine

Some of the structural inequalities I have begun observing in my experience include those centered around financial restrictions. Unfortunately, a big part of medical practice and receiving proper care is centered around how much a patient can afford or whether they can afford the insurance that will cover such treatment. I have yet to see exact instances in completing my certification because I have not encountered patients yet, but in my current experience at my clinic, I have had instances where a patient will come in and ask about the pricing of certain treatment options and are unsure if they can afford it. Again, I do not have much experience, nor do I know what qualifies for each financial instance of the patient, I do know that with the prices of gas and living currently rising that this financial obligation sometimes sways and results in patients having to turn away at other options, and in this case medical finances. For my capstone project, I continue to want to explore the line between desensitized and over-sensitized medicine and where is an optimal spot medical practitioners should remain to maintain proper individualized patient care without it taking a physical or emotional toll on practitioners.

-Lauren Burch

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