My Daily Routine

My daily routine involves starting my day at 6am. The first thing I do is ensure my apartment and pet are taken care of for the day and will remain entertained and taken care of while I am away at work. I then go to work at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic from about 7:30-3:00pm and am working alongside my doctor and team. On a normal day, I have a good mix of postoperative appointments, new patients, and injections, and learn more knowledge that continues to grow with each patient interaction. From there I come home and again make sure my pet and home are kept well and from there go on to complete my material for my certification course. The information thrown at me in this course is extensive and I must manage to keep it all organized and accessible when it comes time to test it or when certain skills require more practice. Not every day looks like this, somedays I will spend the majority of my day completing the course and gaining the knowledge I use in certain skills labs where I put what I learn to practice for when I will be completing my rounds.

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