Farewell to my project

Though I am still continuing and in the last few pieces of my project before sitting down to take my national registry exam for my EMT license, I am so grateful for this experience. I have learned more knowledge to not only apply to my medical career but also to my everyday life. Preparing for these emergency scenarios allows me to approach every day differently. What I mean by this is I do not run away from certain instances where my knowledge or experience may be tested. At work today, I actually had to call 911 on a patient, rather than before when I would look for someone who may be better prepared and not scared enough to manage, I took authority and took that patient contact and started assisting. Thankfully they were okay but the instance itself I think really showed me I had learned a lot and am excited to continue.

On the other hand, my project is going well and I have continued with the same topic. Still in the process of bringing the entire project together but just having trouble I think rounding it out and connecting a lot of information I have gathered.

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