My Space at Work

If I were to create a map of the spaces I typically inhabit on a daily basis, I would have to start with the medical office I work in Monday-Friday. The team I work with, we have our own pod which is made up of each of our workspaces and computers. Beyond that, there are our clinical rooms where we bring our patients into to be seen by our providers. These rooms are simple spall spaces made of a cabinet of supplies, an exam table, a few chairs for the patients and family, and a desktop for us to intake patients with. This area because I have worked here for coming up on just a year now is my comfort space, where I have grown and developed relationships with the patients at this point. Not only with patients, but I have also grown and seen growth in myself as a person and started trailing the way in my training to becoming a medical practitioner. Now since starting my experience of completing my EMT certification, I have continued growing and learning in this space but now using the knowledge I have gained to further provide and understand such care I am providing to patients.

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