Stories in the Media

The stories I mostly hear in the media relate to the Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs. Wade. This ruling changed so many people’s lives as it limited women’s access to abortions based on their state and how far they are in their pregnancy. While the states have some leverage regarding this ruling, many women have lost their right to get an abortion when they need it the most. I believe people should focus on the stories of women in the past getting abortions and how it was the best thing for them. Whether it was their health that was in jeopardy or for many other reasons, these real stories bring to the light the women who used their right to get an abortion and never looked back. These stories may not be getting as much coverage in the media as they should because they focus on the benefits that abortions bring to women when many people only assume there are negatives to this action.

My Capstone Project is based on my experience volunteering at a Tae Kwon Doe studio in my hometown Vero Beach this summer. The community I interacted with were children and adults training to become black belts in Tae Kwon Doe. The issue I have noticed when I am with them is that many students in lower belts still perceive martial arts as they see in edited Hollywood movies. I am currently observing and helping the students train along with in the future, gathering interviews from the Tae Kwon Doe instructors to get their input. I have found that the more advanced students are in their belts, the less they are susceptible to the stereotypes displayed within films as they have been training longer. This has changed my perspective on their community as while movies can be very convincing to kids, the weekly training from professional instructors can help break down the stereotypes that kids see within these films.

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