Solidarity Within My Community

Solidarity within the community I am volunteering in revolves around the common sport of Tae Kwon Doe. I am currently volunteering at tribe martial arts, where people from all over Vero Beach come to practice this sport and learn more about the fascinating world of Tae Kwon Doe. Everyone’s shared interest in this dojo isContinue reading “Solidarity Within My Community”

Inequalities Within My Research

Since continuing my spring semester research into the summer, I have gotten more in-depth in seeing the inequalities that are apparent within the farmworker community. These inequalities have become more clear due to the Covid 19 pandemic that had forced so many farmworkers to lose their jobs and their needed income. The certain structural inequalitiesContinue reading “Inequalities Within My Research”

The Start of Summer Research

This past week, I have started to continue the research I was conducting during the spring semester with my research mentor Dr. Grzywacz. The research project is called “Preparing for the Next Pandemic.” It revolves around how Covid 19 has impacted the farmworker community and how we can prevent this type of destruction from happeningContinue reading “The Start of Summer Research”