The Start of Summer Research

This past week, I have started to continue the research I was conducting during the spring semester with my research mentor Dr. Grzywacz. The research project is called “Preparing for the Next Pandemic.” It revolves around how Covid 19 has impacted the farmworker community and how we can prevent this type of destruction from happening again to this vital community. My transition has been pretty seamless as I have become accustomed to doing this research during my spring semester, and nothing much has changed with the research as I am conducting it in the summer. I am currently in Vero Beach, Florida, conducting the research remotely in a calming environment around me. I am fitting this research into my schedule as I plan out each week what work I have to do for the project and do a little every day to make sure everything is done. There has not been anything too easy or difficult in this process, as I have taken on this workload before and am accustomed to my work.

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