Finding my footing

The first few weeks of working at Pinellas County emergency management have been an interesting few. There is nothing quite like investing into an emergency management department in the few days leading up to the beginning of hurricane season in a year that is predicted to be very active for hurricanes. That being said, it has meant I have been a part of a ton of non-desk oriented opportunities.  There are “field trips’ ‘ at least once a week to all sorts of places within the community: from hurricane expos to attending an emergency shelter training to a visit to the airport to discuss planning for how emergency supply drops may be coordinated and run after a catastrophic event. One of the coolest parts of what I have been doing so far is the ability to go behind the scenes and experience things that the public rarely even thinks about. At times it has been a challenge to find the places where I am needed and to adjust to the duties that are given to me but I know that it will come with a little bit of time. For now, my biggest this has to be letting myself adjust to the new situation and be ready for things to change suddenly, as they often end up doing in emergency situations.

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