Farwell Post

My experiences this summer have shaped my perspective on public health within different communities around the country. My first experience centered around the pandemic affecting the farmworker communities and how we need to have better regulations to ensure they do not get this involved in the next pandemic. The interviews I conducted helped show me how distinct farmworker communities, like women farmworkers, were harshly affected as they had to stay home in possibly dangerous situations. I have read about the farmworker community being affected by talking face to face with real farmworkers gives me a whole new perspective and gratitude toward the profession. My second experience this summer revolves around me volunteering at a Tae Kwon Doe studio and assisting the students with the forms and information they need to know. While Tae Kwon Doe is an excellent form of exercise for children and adults, I am more focused on how it helps kids’ mental acuity as they learn more about the sport and disregard the stereotypes related to martial arts. The kids I have been teaching these last couple of weeks have been tremendous as I see their skills improve and their passion for Tae Kwon Doe grow.

My Capstone project is going well as I have finally decided on a topic that focuses more on combining my experiences as both were essential parts of my summer. A tricky part of my project is representing my experiences equally, as I do not want to speak about one of my experiences over the other.

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