Inequalities Within My Research

Since continuing my spring semester research into the summer, I have gotten more in-depth in seeing the inequalities that are apparent within the farmworker community. These inequalities have become more clear due to the Covid 19 pandemic that had forced so many farmworkers to lose their jobs and their needed income. The certain structural inequalities that have become more apparent since starting my summer research is that women farmworkers are not treated as well as the male farmworkers are. Women farmworkers get less pay and are not treated right within the farmworker community as it is a male-dominated field. This inequality is related to the Covid 19 pandemic as the virus helped show how the farmworker profession, in general, is not treated with the respect it deserves with women farmworkers being treated most unfair. The pandemic has made the discrepancies within the farmworker community more apparent as so many male and female farmworkers were out of jobs and forced to live with no income until it was safe for them to work again. Even with them working as much as they could within the pandemic, they were supplied with masks or gloves they could of protected them from the virus.

The subject I want to base my Capstone Project on is the immersion of two of my passions which are public health and the law. The research I am conducting revolves around the health of the farmworker community and the injustices they faced within the Covid 19 pandemic. This research is showing me how public health and the law coalign and help those in underrepresented communities.

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