My Daily Routine

My daily routine this summer is simple as I have evenly coordinated all the work I need to do each week, so I have a similar amount of work to do each day. Each day I have specific tasks to complete in my research project, so each day is a little different but overall crucial to the project’s progress. Tuesdays are my most important day during the week as I have a meeting with my research mentor and other researchers on the project where we talk about the work we did the week before. I get assigned the work I need to do the following week, so I am on track with the other researchers, and the project is moving ahead. The latest piece I was doing involved me going through the project’s database on Microsoft teams and sorting through organizations I can send out emails to asking if I could interview them in the near future. When I get an email back saying the organization is interested, that is when I set up a zoom meeting and get their input on how farmworkers were affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Overall, my daily routine has a similar structure during the week, even though the work is a little different each day.

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