The Start of Becoming Certified

I am currently remaining in Tallahassee and completing portions of my certification with online training, completing assignments, background checks, and paperwork. The information and the instructors I am currently working with have made the experience and transition to this online learning experience very seamless. Although being very used to this type of educational setting from COVID makes it easier and accessible for me to learn in different settings and complete work around it. Along with observing and learning what I will soon complete in the field and once I begin my rotations and skills labs, I have gained a connection with the Tallahassee Fire Department where I will be riding along and learning even more. Along with this certification process, I am continuing my work experience at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic where I have not only gained an extended amount of knowledge in this field but where I am also able to apply knowledge from my EMT certification. Being submerged in so many aspects of medicine in such a short period allows for such an amazing experience but also makes it hard to step away from. Still learning how to balance all of it but am excited for the road ahead.

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