Final Post

I am interested in exploring how desensitized some practitioners become in medicine and how that affects treatment and the emotional state of practitioners. I do not know too much, but from my year and a half of experience in medicine, as a medical assistant for a surgeon, I have started to see how sometimes I am even subject to being desensitized to the extent it affects treatment.

My experience in emergency medicine, or at least gaining the background knowledge before getting to my hands-on experience with first response teams, allowed me to put what I am educating myself about to use. This topic has allowed me to be more open-minded and understand to fully think more about patient interactions. I remember each day to remember to take a step back and visualize each instance before simply diving in without thinking.

I find that with the extensive amount of experience, especially in emergency medicine the attitude is always gone, go, go and because of everything first responders are exposed to they limit the amount of emotion exerted into each to maintain themselves to continue on and treat as many people as possible. My experience showed me how easy it is to fall into this way of treating to give effective and “timely’ treatment rather than fewer deeper individualized care. My topic is somewhat confusing and this topic is so hard to define and there are so many factors that I have yet to explore.

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