Stories In The Media

One issue that has really hot and stuck me like most political issues is the ruling of Roe vs Wade. Rather than most women banding to protect our own rights I have seen almost this battle over social media of competing views. It hurts to see this in our community and I think most people should educate themselves, not just women, on the more profound implications of it being overturned. This issue was mainstreamed plenty over many platforms but in probably one of the least effective manners.

My Capstone project explores the line between desensitized and oversensitized medicine and where is a good spot for medical practitioners to maintain proper individualized care without it taking a physical or emotional toll on practitioners. Basically, I am doing so to educate myself at the beginning of my medical career to become more aware of how sensitization to certain things could result in a lower level of care for patients. I want to not only maximize the care I hope to give in the future but maybe even open more eyes to this situation to advocate for patients in such scenarios.

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