Solidarity in Emergency Medicine

Solidarity in my community is the collaborative effort put in by the emergency response teams all with the same goal, to put the care and safety of the community it protects first. This is most evident in a heavily populated college campus. I have observed from both ends, as a bystander and a part of the emergency response unit in these scenarios. Having police and first response teams on the scene to protect and ensure site safety and direct and be the first point of contact for those needing medical attention allows for a more controlled rescue. This is seen between teams but also firmly within a team. Each team member has their own set of responsibilities, allowing for efficient teamwork and effective care. Communication between members is essential when it comes to teamwork as well because without out it the common goal cannot be reached.

Much of what I know when it comes to teamwork, I have experienced and learned in my current position at TOC. Each member of my team has clear responsibilities and expectations, to allow for everything else to work. In such a tight-knit group, if responsibilities are not taken care of, this results in others having to pull weight. This as a consequence, at least in my experiences and with keeping in mind the common goals of teams, individuals complete and communicate if help is needed, to ensure that overall patient care is not affected.

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