Fish Mothers

Among the reef there are peaceful interactions to be observed. One of the main rules of diving is to leave as little impact on the ecosystem as possible as to not disturb its inhabitants. This is also for ones own safety as many creatures of the deep are capable of biting, stinging, or causeing extreme discomfort if provoked. In some cases many of the animals I come across are extremely deadly with the capability to incapacitate many men with the venom of a single sting. This however, is not a huge concern if one is respectful of their surroundings and aware of the different species that could potentially harm you. This is NOT the case with the Titan Trigger fish. I have been attacked twice by these beast. They are extremely territorial to the point that it may seem as though you are being attacked unprovoked, both times I was ambushed from behind with no warning whatsoever. These fish are quite large and very determined once intent on fighting. I kicked one in the face 3 times before it considered to stop attacking. This is the only instance in which it is okay to make such contact with an animal underwater.

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