Traysea Malam-Auger: Cooperative Breeding among Brown-headed Nuthatches

Hello, I’m Traysea Malama-Auger, a rising senior Biology major who is excited to share with you my summer research project on the coordinated vocalizations of brown-headed nuthatches. This project is made possible in part due to the funding I received from the IDEA Grants program, and I’m looking forward to completing it this summer. MyContinue reading “Traysea Malam-Auger: Cooperative Breeding among Brown-headed Nuthatches”

Melisa Sencer: Identifying the Cellular Changes in Fragile X Syndrome

In the field of neuroscience, researching sensory systems is all the rage. This is due to the fascinating and crucial role our senses play in interacting with the world around us. Imagine the countless ways we use our auditory system daily. The auditory system not only allows us to hear sounds but also helps usContinue reading “Melisa Sencer: Identifying the Cellular Changes in Fragile X Syndrome”

Wendy Rodriguez: Examining Parentification among Migrant Families

My name is Wendy Rodriguez, I am a senior majoring in Psychology with minors in Child Development and Computational Science Entrepreneurship. As a first-generation college student, I knew that my education was a privilege. That is why throughout my educational career, I have upheld my parents’ sacrifice and understood that school was the catalyst forContinue reading “Wendy Rodriguez: Examining Parentification among Migrant Families”

Bronson Leiro : Healthier Alternatives to Sculptural Materials

My recent creations have been structural, architecturally inspired installations. Using a material such as cement has allowed for a practical approach to creating the structures you see below, but the sculptures are now an environmental burden. Finding an environmentally friendly alternative that can still be poured into molds is where my work has led me.Continue reading “Bronson Leiro : Healthier Alternatives to Sculptural Materials”

Andy Mills and Good: Five Short Stories

My name is Andy Mills. I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer, working toward my degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing. I expect to graduate in Spring of 2024. Much of my work is interested in memory and language as it relates to place. I work across a broad array of media including fiber,Continue reading “Andy Mills and Good: Five Short Stories”

Andres Felipe Gil Arana: Assessing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Violence, and Alcohol Consumption

Early life experiences can significantly impact a child’s development, which affects their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Unfortunately, due to multiple factors, including unstable housing, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, and poor environmental conditions, children can experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), leading to lifelong adverse effects. There is a high correlation between ACEs and negative healthContinue reading “Andres Felipe Gil Arana: Assessing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Violence, and Alcohol Consumption”

Katie Jo Gelasco: Musician and a Scholar

My name is Katie Jo Gelasco and I am a junior pursuing my dual degree in music and biochemistry. While I have loved playing the cello since the young age of six, my other passion lies in biochemistry. After graduation, I hope to get my Phd in biochemistry or cancer biology and develop a careerContinue reading “Katie Jo Gelasco: Musician and a Scholar”

Sarah Evans: Capturing The College Experience

Hello! I am Sarah Evans, a junior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program here at FSU, and a recent IDEA Grant recipient. Like most others possessed by an antiquated and—according to some—dying medium, I identify as a painter above all things, and have a curious fascination with the material presence of oil paint. GivenContinue reading “Sarah Evans: Capturing The College Experience”

Martha Cooper: Using Motivational Psychology to Understand Implicit Racial Bias

My name is Martha Cooper, and I am a junior majoring in Psychology and Philosophy here at FSU. For the past year, I have been working in Dr. Irmak Okten’s research lab studying motivated social cognition. Developing skills in data collection and analysis has greatly improved my confidence in myself and my academic abilities. ItContinue reading “Martha Cooper: Using Motivational Psychology to Understand Implicit Racial Bias”

Eli Butters: Machine Learning Algorithms in Quantitative Finance

My name is Eli Butters and I am a sophomore studying Statistics and Computer Science. I started out studying Finance and Real Estate as a freshman but then moved over to Statistics and Computer Science because I love understanding the mathematical side of finance. Over the past 20 years, virtually every market inefficiency has beenContinue reading “Eli Butters: Machine Learning Algorithms in Quantitative Finance”