Summary of My Capstone

For my capstone, my interest was how caseworkers approach helping refugees. Refugees often arrive at their resettlement location with trauma and a complicated past. Therefore, it is essential that caseworkers take certain measures to help refugees based on their unique situation. This Summer, I interned at the International Rescue Committee, where I learned extensively aboutContinue reading “Summary of My Capstone”

A Story that Resonates with Me

A Story that Resonates with me: Recently, I came across a new story on the Ukrainian crisis in the news. This Summer, I worked at the International Rescue Committee and happened to organize many of the efforts related to Ukraine at the office. I worked closely with IRC Tallahassee’s one and only Ukrainian client andContinue reading “A Story that Resonates with Me”

The Spaces I Inhabit

During my time at the International Rescue Committee in Tallahassee, I discovered more of Tallahassee than I ever had before. My first experience branching out past my usually inhabited space was when I first arrived at IRC Tallahassee’s location. I was shocked that it was so close to places I go, yet much farther thanContinue reading “The Spaces I Inhabit”

A Farewell to the International Rescue Committee

As my internship at the International Rescue Committee comes to an end, I am sad to bid it farewell. This summer, I have learned more about refugees and the U.S. government than I would have ever known had I not worked at the IRC. This internship has given me a new appreciation for the caseworkersContinue reading “A Farewell to the International Rescue Committee”

Culture Within the Refugee Community

Although I am not a refugee, working at the International Rescue Committee has allowed me to interact with and observe the refugee community daily. My work entails dealing with refugees’ paperwork and assisting them with any problems they might have. Working at the IRC provides me with the opportunity to interact with refugees and theirContinue reading “Culture Within the Refugee Community”

Solidarity in the Refugee Community

The refugee community endures issues such as lack of finances and lack of resources. It is when these issues are the most prominent; that forces within the refugee community such as the International Rescue Committee, churches, mosques, and affiliated partners become the most vital. These forces in the community come together in solidarity to supportContinue reading “Solidarity in the Refugee Community”

The Structural Inequalities that Refugees Face

Since beginning my time at the International Rescue Committee, I have learned about the many inequalities that refugees face in Tallahassee. Refugees are forced to start a new life in a new place filled with unfamiliar customs. They go through several long, bureaucratic processes to gain self-sufficiency. Despite already going through these tedious steps, refugeesContinue reading “The Structural Inequalities that Refugees Face”

Being at the International Rescue Committee

On my first day at the International Rescue Committee, I felt as if I had entered a whole new world. The work and topics that I had to familiarize myself with were entirely foreign. The office culture and setup were unusual compared to a standard office. But the unique collaborative office setting allowed me toContinue reading “Being at the International Rescue Committee”