Solidarity in the Refugee Community

The refugee community endures issues such as lack of finances and lack of resources. It is when these issues are the most prominent; that forces within the refugee community such as the International Rescue Committee, churches, mosques, and affiliated partners become the most vital. These forces in the community come together in solidarity to support the refugees in Tallahassee. During my time at the International Rescue Committee, this solidarity has come through financial and material donations, collection drives, and sponsored events.

The most pressing issue that refugees face is the lack of financial resources. Although they receive financial support from the government, it is often not enough. Due to this, budgeting is a must, and any financial contributions that refugees receive can be life-changing. At the IRC, we have been contacting donors, and rallying other entities to donate and sponsor some of our families. It has been amazing to see how helpful the community has been in supporting refugees and how everyone has united under this cause. While I am working at the IRC, I hope to see more success regarding sponsorship, as it has drastically bettered the lives of many refugees in Tallahassee.

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