A Farewell to the International Rescue Committee

As my internship at the International Rescue Committee comes to an end, I am sad to bid it farewell. This summer, I have learned more about refugees and the U.S. government than I would have ever known had I not worked at the IRC. This internship has given me a new appreciation for the caseworkers that make it possible for refugees to lead normal lives in the United States. Due to this newfound appreciation, I decided to change the focus of my Capstone project to be more case worker central as they play integral roles in refugees’ lives. My internship allowed me to become more aware of government policies and more realistic about the challenges refugees face.

My Capstone Project surrounding my summer experience is going well. The focus of it is on how caseworkers approach working with refugees. Early on, I encountered a bump in the road with my topic, but now, I feel its focus is more specific and approachable. The caseworkers at the IRC have greatly helped me learn more about their responsibilities and job. I look forward to using their knowledge for my Capstone and learning more about the topic throughout the process.

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