The Spaces I Inhabit

During my time at the International Rescue Committee in Tallahassee, I discovered more of Tallahassee than I ever had before. My first experience branching out past my usually inhabited space was when I first arrived at IRC Tallahassee’s location. I was shocked that it was so close to places I go, yet much farther than I had ever explored. As time went on, I found that I was inhabiting spaces close to my office, on the outskirts of where I would usually go.

A map of places I frequently inhabited every week during my internship would be my apartment and the International Rescue Committee’s office. Although these were my two most frequently visited locations, my internship sent me on weekly tasks that would take me to new places. Through this, I was able to visit clients’ homes, travel to daycare centers to help enroll refugee children, help transport donations to the IRC’s storage facilities, and buy necessities for our new refugees. My internship allowed me to see more of Tallahassee and, in the process, learn that there is much more to it than FSU.

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