Summary of My Capstone

For my capstone, my interest was how caseworkers approach helping refugees. Refugees often arrive at their resettlement location with trauma and a complicated past. Therefore, it is essential that caseworkers take certain measures to help refugees based on their unique situation. This Summer, I interned at the International Rescue Committee, where I learned extensively about refugee resettlement in Tallahassee. Initially, I worked mostly with the Resource development program, but in order to explore my interest further, I decided to work more with the Refugee Resettlement program, where I could learn from caseworkers. During my experience, to pursue my interest, I used a combination of experiences and observations along with interviews with caseworkers and case aids. By combining these methods, I gained a comprehensive view of how caseworkers approach helping refugees in Tallahassee. Through my research, I discovered that I could separate information into three categories: perspectives, methods, and issues. I found that these categories affected how caseworkers approached helping refugees. My experience allowed me to see that helping refugees is not simple, and it is often challenging for both caseworkers and refugees. Witnessing the lengths that caseworkers go to help clients has given me a new appreciation for their work and has shown me that every case is unique.

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