A Recent Media Story and a Summary of my CapStone

One story that I think should be widely shared is that the US Senate is on the cusp of passing the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act or RAWA, which is a bill that would provide close to $1.4 billion a year for restoring wildlife populations across the country. I saw this story in the news afterContinue reading “A Recent Media Story and a Summary of my CapStone”

Farewell to my Experience

My experience this past summer is one that I will reflect on as a formative experience in my academic, personal, and professional development. The opportunity to live in another country and authentically interact with the local community is valuable in many ways. I was able to experience the milestone of moving to a new cityContinue reading “Farewell to my Experience”

A Map of My Daily Spaces

One of the most obvious differences between what a map of my everyday physical environment would look like in Valencia versus at home in Florida is that in Valencia I mostly traveled only within about a 15-minute walk from my apartment, which is a very small area. On my map of inhabited spaces from Valencia, IContinue reading “A Map of My Daily Spaces”

My Cultural Environment and New Communities

During my time studying and volunteering in Valencia, Spain, I became part of two communities that are separate, but still coexist in proximity. The first community that I belonged to was the community of Florida State University study abroad students that I lived and studied with in Valencia. This community was very tight knit andContinue reading “My Cultural Environment and New Communities”

Solidarity in My Community

Though living in the international student bubble does in some ways hinder an authentic cultural experience of living in another country, there was a sense of solidarity that filled the study abroad community. When moving to a foreign country, especially without knowing anyone, it can be exceedingly difficult to find your footing. I experienced this, butContinue reading “Solidarity in My Community”

Structural Inequalities and CapStone Subject

The structural inequalities that I have become attuned to during my experience have been the varying economic statuses of the children that attend the school. Though without conducting extra research I am not sure of the exact categorization of the school, Colegio Sagrado Corazón, between public and private institution, I am aware that the familyContinue reading “Structural Inequalities and CapStone Subject”

Transition To My Position

My position this summer is as a volunteer at a local primary and secondary school in Valencia, Spain. I have traveled to Spain and am living and studying at the Florida State University Valencia campus for 6 weeks this summer. The school that I am volunteering at, Colegio Sagrado Corazón, is located nearby my apartmentContinue reading “Transition To My Position”