Solidarity in My Community

Though living in the international student bubble does in some ways hinder an authentic cultural experience of living in another country, there was a sense of solidarity that filled the study abroad community. When moving to a foreign country, especially without knowing anyone, it can be exceedingly difficult to find your footing. I experienced this, but quickly realized that many others were in my position and being able to relate to and help each other with issues like loneliness, culture shock, language issues, and homesickness was something I am very thankful to my community for. Because of my volunteering at Colegio Sagrado Corazón, I was able to be a part of the local Valencian community as well. In this community, it was clear how the COVID-19 pandemic affected daily life, especially one of the most important parts of daily life for children, school. Though not as evident as it would have been a year ago, the Valencian community is still impacted by the pandemic, at least more obviously than at home in Florida. Many people still wore masks, especially on public transportation and in the school. It was clear that the community was still doing its part to stop the spread of Covid-19.  

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