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FSU’s Gap Year Program allows newly accepted students to defer their university acceptance for twelve months to pursue a personal or professional interest outside of a traditional, classroom setting.

To learn more about gap years and FSU’s official program, please visit our program website.

Latest Blog Posts

A Day in the Life of a Congressional Intern

            Good morning, it’s 7:30 and it’s time to get ready for work. After getting ready and leaving my apartment my commute consists of walking to the Hart Senate Office Building and taking the underground tunnels and subways to my office located in the Longworth House Office Building. Now…it’s time to work:             Unlike most jobs, thereContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Congressional Intern”

Some Goals of mine

Growing up I didn’t come from a religious family. My father was raised Catholic and so was his father; that’s how I was raised. Though I went to Sunday school and celebrated most of the major holidays I still knew I was Jewish and grew up with some elements of Jewish culture in my life.Continue reading “Some Goals of mine”

A Day in Yeshiva

My schedule varies depending on the day of the week but from Sunday through Thursday it consists of my normal learning and class schedule. Though I’m sure it varies slightly depending on the Yeshiva I’d imagine most follow a similar format. In the morning I wake up around 7:00 and get ready. Shacharit (morning prayers)Continue reading “A Day in Yeshiva”

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Mancuso and I’m from Orlando, Florida. I always found coming up with definitions challenging, trying to get to the essence of something seems to be reductive in many instances. In trying to define myself I seem to come across a similar struggle. I normally point to the various characteristics that makeContinue reading “Who am I?”

Life in Tanzania 💕

It is already four days into my arrival, and Tanzania is gorgeous. Africa is not what I expected but so much more! Everything here is just allowed to grow and nurture. The people take care of one another, and they take pride in conserving their traditions and culture. The women are never perceived as masculineContinue reading “Life in Tanzania 💕”

Introducing Chichi !

Hi my name is Chisara (my nickname is Chichi), and I am going to be a student at Florida State University’s undergraduate film school! As such, my favorite material to document and film is African and African diasporic culture and history. So, this year I am very excited to travel to Arusha, Tanzania and theContinue reading “Introducing Chichi !”


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