My New Best Friend

One person I have met on my journey that has impacted my life is Sawyier. Sawyier is someone I met on my New Zealand and Australia trip at the beginning of my gap year as he was a member of our group of 12. Our friendship began in the bustling Haka Lodge Hostel in Auckland, New Zealand. We had just arrived from the airport after both traveling for over 36 hours and were extremely exhausted however, we had just been tasked with making crepes for the groups breakfast. Neither of us had ever made crepes before so we bonded over our incompetence as well as getting to know each others lives back home. We instantly clicked and bantered about which crepes were better, mine or his, the answer was neither.

Throughout the trip we got closer and closer even though we “argued” it was always in good spirits. People began referring to us as siblings because of the banter and we all agreed that our friendship was one of a kind. Whether I was flipping his canoe or he was putting my mattress in the rafters of the bunk room (yes this did happen), we were always laughing and having a good time. I had never had a friendship like this before and neither had he; we could playfully argue with each other all day long but the second one of us needed a serious conversation the other was all ears. He was easily my closest friend over those 10 weeks and still is. We consistently talk and update each other about our lives and of course find something trivial to argue about over the phone. Sawyier is now one of my best friends and I am so glad to have met my seemingly long lost brother on the other side of the world during my gap year journey.

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