All Praise the Waze

There has not been a lot about this experience that has changed where I go regularly. I am still in the community I grew up in and close to home, which means I visit the same places for the most part. As a part of my experience, I have started going to some new places I would not have otherwise visited. 

One of the coolest things about emergency management is the bizarre range of places that one visits as a part of general tasks. The field encomplasses a wide range of odd jobs, and these odd jobs take you into places such as the community, government offices, schools and rec centers, and publicly used spaces. Some of my favorite parts of the experience have been finding places I did not know existed near where I live and getting to go behind the scenes at an airport. It takes quite a different shape from before as regularly one would only see the passenger and travel side of the goings-on of an airport. But I was able to tour the airport and see how the facilities could be modified for emergency events to suit public needs. It has been trips like this that have made me reconsider how I see my community now.

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