Cultural Environment in Tallahassee

I did not necessarily expect to experience a culture shock with my job at the Challenger Learning Center, as I have already lived in Tallahassee for a few years— but as a student, not a community member. At my job, a lot of the children’s parents work in government positions because we are located soContinue reading “Cultural Environment in Tallahassee”

Solidarity in Tallahassee

The community of Tallahassee is very politically charged because it is the capital of Florida. I think that this encourages a lot of people to be more expressively political, as they have more opportunities to voice their beliefs. Topics such as police brutality and the war in Ukraine are a few that produce a lotContinue reading “Solidarity in Tallahassee”

Structural Inequalities in Tallahassee

Some of the employees at my job are teachers and some of them have children. One of my coworkers is a new mom and a teacher. Talking to her, I have learned that summer camp costs for her older children take a big hit to her finances. It is insightful for me to learn aboutContinue reading “Structural Inequalities in Tallahassee”

Transition to the Challenger Learning Center

My transition to my new job at the Challenger Learning Center has been pretty seamless, in so far as the physical location is minutes away from my apartment in Tallahassee. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the collective energy is positive! Thankfully my work schedule is during the mornings and ends at 1pm, so I alsoContinue reading “Transition to the Challenger Learning Center”