Daily Routine as a Camp Counselor

I arrive at the camp at 7:30am and set up for extended care with games like Connect 4, which I have gotten very good at; the camp begins at 9am so some kids come beforehand so their parents can go to work. When camp starts, we do free play for a while and then it’s circle time, which involves a book and explanation of the rules (e.g. “hands up! Quiet, still bodies”). After this, we will do a craft activity or go see a movie at the iMax theater or the planetarium. Some of the movies we watch a lot are Hubble 3D and Turtle Odyssey. I have learned a lot about both topics so far because of seeing the movies so often. We have gone on a couple field trips, which also take place around this time. Our trip to the Florida Museum of History has to be my favorite so far (attached is a picture from this trip)! After this, we have snack time — the snack is always popcorn, because the camp is at a movie theater. Surprisingly none of the kids get bored of this snack, and sometimes I’ll even have some. After this, another craft activity takes place at around 11am. Sometimes we make things like oobleck, which produces a very messy room. Lunch takes place at 12pm; Monday and Friday we serve pizza, Tuesday and Thursday is chicken nuggets, and Wednesday is hot dogs. The smell of ketchup will forever haunt me after this summer, especially after seeing some kids eating it with a fork… After lunch we have recess and then I’m off at 1pm!

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