Transition to the Challenger Learning Center

My transition to my new job at the Challenger Learning Center has been pretty seamless, in so far as the physical location is minutes away from my apartment in Tallahassee. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the collective energy is positive! Thankfully my work schedule is during the mornings and ends at 1pm, so I also have time to work on my internship. The other shift ends at 6pm, so I feel lucky to not have been scheduled for any shifts at that time! I really value being able to workout, cook, and go about my day as I please, which I have had plenty of time to do due to my hours. The main thing that has been difficult is waking up so early! I should be getting up at around 6 to go in at 7:30, but I always manage to press snooze on my alarms until around 7. No matter how much sleep I am able to get– which is usually 7 hours– I can’t bring myself to really wake up until my final alarms. I think it’s a weird physiological thing with my body knowing it technically has more time to sleep.

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