Ezekiel Faulknor: Ways Domi Station Builds Community

First Friday

Domi Station has a monthly First Friday happy hour which is a great opportunity to network with other startups in the community. It’s really a great chance to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with the people I’ve met there. First Friday gives you a wonderful chance to try out your elevator pitch. Especially for me I’ve struggled with giving my elevator pitch, but over countless attempts and critique  from my colleagues. I can now say I’ve improved dramatically.

Ezekiel Faulknor, Junior,
Information, Communication, and Technology major

Open Co-working Space

The open co-working space at Domi is a warm welcoming collaborative environment for any entrepreneur. Once you sign up and depending on which membership you choose you get access to all the amazing resources that Domi offers. Spending time in an open co-working space is phenomenal. You get a chance to meet new individuals everyday, you never know who may walk through those doors.

The co-working space in Domi Station during an event.

 Business Incubator 

Domi’s Entrepreneurial Programs are designed to support local entrepreneurs launch and scale their ventures. Through Gear Up, one of Domi’s business startup incubators, you gain valuable knowledge that can effectively be used in your market/industry.  A few of the main focus of Gear Up are its tailored curriculum, pitch prep and lastly experienced mentors. It’s important to help build the strong local community of Entrepreneurs because how else do you expect to create generational wealth in the community?

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